The job market has changed – is your business adapting to optimize staffing levels?

In this current volatile environment, over 70% of large businesses in this report cite pressure to lower costs and increase productivity as driving factors to their growing use of gig/contingent workers. 

The Gig Economy is exploding and Forbes notes that by 2027 it will surpass the full-time workforce. Staffing agencies and VMS’s can tap into these workers but are expensive, and hiring these workers on your own W2 creates a hiring revolving door.

And on the worker side of things, the demand for flexible work “will only accelerate” in coming years as workers feel more empowered as noted here on CNBC Make It.

There’s a better way.

Jobility is your new recruitment arm, with access to a large pool of skilled workers and all the services of an agency, for less than the cost of a job board.

Imagine this: with free registration and minimal fees, you can have…

  • Lightning-fast matches with qualified, vetted skilled workers who are curated for your specific position and are ready to start. And if it’s an especially challenging position and there are no instant matches…
  • Each job you post is immediately replicated on dozens of leading job boards (at no additional cost)
  • Dedicated, human recruitment specialists are working for you all along the way
  • Try Jobility as EOR (employer of record). Save overhead and resources on onboarding workers. They are our employees contracted out to you. No hassle… no risk!

Already have systems and resources for staffing? We understand change is difficult. The best part about the Jobility platform is that you can plug it in where it makes sense for your business. We can even integrate with existing software to customize a seamless solution for you. 

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Let’s get gigging!