How Restaurant Owners Can Embrace the Gig Economy

Going beyond delivery service, temps and contractors can help you avoid gaps in in-house service to your customers.

It’s no secret that we’re living in an on-demand world. The rise in digital technology has only increased our cravings for convenience, which, in turn, has opened up new opportunities to fill those expectations, like food delivery services in the gig economy. Could that same level of convenience now apply to hiring restaurant workers?

Part of what makes the gig economy so effective is that we can apply its model to a myriad of use cases. Gig workers do everything from building websites to making deliveries to taking photos, plus thousands more tasks that may or may not warrant a permanent hire. What’s more, gig workers embrace this new economy primarily because of the flexibility it offers. They have more control over their time and can take on a variety of projects that interest them. It’s a win/win for them and their employers!

COVID has left many restaurants severely understaffed despite the unemployment rate sitting at 6.2% and the ongoing demand for food services. It might be time to consider how to bring the gig economy to the restaurant industry beyond third-party delivery service to fill the gaps.

Benefits of Hiring Gig Workers in Restaurants

To be clear, a “gig worker” refers to a temporary contractor that is not considered a regular employee. Rather, they contract with your restaurant for a specified period, usually temporarily. In a high turnover environment like restaurants, this model can serve up a number of benefits:

It Helps Vet Candidates for Extended Employment

Trying out workers before making them a permanent hire can lead to better hiring decisions and lower turnover costs. If a gig worker doesn’t work out, you aren’t obligated to keep them on staff!

Shifts Can Be Filled Immediately

Avoid over-stuffing schedules or over-stressing your current restaurant team. When you have immediate or short-term shifts that need to be filled, you can turn to a gig worker to pick up the slack.

It Adds Predictability to Cost Control

Contractors usually work for a flat fee or a set number of hours, allowing restaurant owners to better predict and manage payroll costs. What’s more, contractors are responsible for handling their own taxes, so you’re not paying payroll taxes by having them on your staff!

How to Hire Gig Workers to Beef Up Your Restaurant Staff

Ready to bring gig workers on board? With Jobility, this is quick and easy. You don’t have to worry about background checks, onboarding, or payroll.  

Jobility will contract gig workers for you and even handle payroll with easy daily payouts approved by you. With the proprietary matching engine in Jobility, you can keep your changing schedule fully staffed with qualified, vetted workers. 

All you have to do is make sure you treat your gig workers like part of the team, just as you would your part-time and full-time employees. They’re still members of your team, even if only for a little while! 

It’s a new era in the restaurant industry, and those who find creative ways to serve their customers will be best prepared to continue moving forward.