How Jobility is revolutionizing Light Industrial hiring

The burden that full-time employment imposes to the light industrial segment is a thing of the past. Now it is possible to hire a gig worker and scale your cost on a daily basis, at the touch of a screen.

  • Need help for a special production run? You can hire for a two-day gig.
  • Need one-day support with inventory or deliveries? You now have that possibility.
  • Ever turn down orders because you couldn’t get manpower for tomorrow? A thing of the past.
  • Ever have to pay upfront for part-time workers who never show up? You don’t need to go through this nightmare anymore.

Jobility is fast and nimble, intelligent and intuitive. You don’t need to spend hours on the phone, nor scan resumes; you don’t need to post on other portals nor wait by the phone for a call.

Once you hire for a short time commitment and need more, adjust your request online. No penalty, nor commitment for longer period of time. You always control the process.


  • The job-matching portal that matches you with prequalified, vetted workers in your zip code, at a pre-agreed hourly rate.
  • Create a profile, post a temp job (gig), get a match, hire a worker.
  • Find workers at NO COST, and only pay a small fee if you decide to hire.
  • Once the shift is over, you have no further obligations. Just approve the shift and Jobility takes care of payment!
  • If you liked the worker, hire them back.

We created Jobility to bridge this gap while still maintaining the integrity of the needs of hirers. Even further, we want to be an option to the companies that feel hostage to the traditional staffing model.

Have needs for full-time, part-time, or W-2 workers? Jobility has you covered here as well:

  • Utilize Gig (1099 temporary) workers to minimize your time, costs, and onboarding overhead. Post a Gig for free and only pay a small fee when you accept a worker. Then convert them to employees when you are ready. 
  • Need W2 workers? Post a W2 Gig on Jobility and match with a Jobility W2 employee for a temporary assignment until you decide to hire them. Let us relieve you of the vetting, onboarding, and insurance costs. 
  • Find and hire Full or Part time workers at just $50 per post. No refresh fees or additional fees for clicks. Your post is good for 30 days. Select the best match and hire them!

While the pandemic is winding down, Jobility has been hard at work preparing for the job market to open back up. We are ready to match you with the right workers for your business when the time is right! We are revolutionizing hiring for both gig and full or part time workers and disrupting the traditional recruitment model by leveraging the fast-growing gig economy.  

At the moment, we are open to new partners in the platform and we have 10,000+ workers ready in our databank. All these gigees could be a match for you tomorrow.

So, do your business a favor and stop turning down new orders, living with messy inventory or delaying deliveries, sign up now and get gigging. We will source your labor for you which should help boost your profits and save you time.

 If you sign up in the next seven days, we will give you a free matched gig!

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Wishing you good health and Let’s get gigging! 

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