How Jobility is helping businesses with hiring following COVID-19

At Jobility we have been hard at work this past year preparing for the job market to open back up.

We are ready to match you with the right workers for your business when the time is right! We are revolutionizing hiring for both gig and full or part time workers and disrupting the traditional recruitment model by leveraging the fast-growing gig economy.

What exactly is the Gig Economy and how can it help your business? 

As defined in this article on, “we’re witnessing a massive shift from traditional work and full-time employment to freelancing, working part-time, and independent contracting. 36% of the US workforce is now involved in the gig economy. At the current rate, more than 50% will participate in it by 2027.” 

With this exponential growth, the industry is seeing a drastic widening in the gap between the needs of the businesses and gig workers. We created Jobility to bridge this gap while still maintaining the integrity of the needs of both. Jobility is a turnkey solution that leverages the internet and technology to disrupt traditional staffing firms.  

  • Lower Cost Up Front – By keeping our overhead costs low as compared to agencies, we can pass through savings to hirers and earnings to workers. 
  • Enhanced Matching Engine – Jobility’s core technology allows us to use advanced data to improve successful job matching for hirers and workers. 
  • More Savings For Hirers – Due to the nature and scalability of Jobility’s business model, we have an opportunity to pass on further savings to users.

Here are some ways Jobility can help to minimize your hiring costs and maximize your options as your business opens back up:   

  • Utilize Gig (1099 temporary) workers to minimize your time, costs, and onboarding overhead. Post a Gig for free and only pay a small fee when you accept a worker and pay the worker using Jobility’s QuickPay feature.  
  • Need W2 workers? Post a W2 Gig on Jobility and match with a Jobility W2 employee for a temporary assignment until you decide to hire them. Let us relieve you of the vetting, onboarding, and insurance costs. 
  • Find and hire Full or Part time workers. This is just $50 per post. No refresh fees or additional fees for clicks. Your post is good for 30 days. Select the best match and hire!

Here are just a few additional value points of Jobility that make us worth a try when you need workers:

  • Smart automation with our proprietary matching engine: get matched quickly with workers who have the skills you need and are available when you need them 
  • All workers are already vetted and Background Checked 
  • Jobility live customer support is on call to help ensure your success!

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Wishing you good health and Let’s get gigging! 

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