Cracking the Code on the Great Resignation: What Will It Take to Get Workers Back?

We wanted to take another look into the Great Resignation and why employers and employees can’t seem to come to terms right now.  If you caught our other blog post about rewarding workers higher pay and benefits and you’re still unconvinced about how to get quality workers to fill your company’s shifts, read on.

Employers Are Spending Less Time on Workers

Let’s face it: our most valuable resource is time.  We only have so much of it in a given day to be productive, weigh crucial business decisions, commute, train staff, send emails, hop on calls, and of course eat & sleep.  It’s no wonder then that the American Staffing Association found that only 39% of American employees feel their current employer is helping them improve their current skills or gain new skills to do their job better.  Basically, employers aren’t meeting their workers’ expectations with respect to their training and development.  

Being a More Flexible Employer

The labor shortage necessitated workers to become flexible by wearing masks, follow strict protocols, and become quasi-security guards for customers’ safety.  What makes you think employers are safe from having to make adjustments to work in our new normal?  In reality, employers with fewer staffing problems understand the economic shift and are coming up with clever new ways to get the qualified staff they need to fill shifts. Brian Clark from AgileOne believes a few key ideas are needed as employers narrow the gap:

  • “Look to other industries for comparable talent.  Many low-skilled open positions could easily be filled with workers who do not necessarily have direct experience at a given position.  Think long and hard about similar positions, and search in similar industries.
  • Offer flexible working conditions.  Workers are burned out by having all these additional requirements to their daily work life, so why not cut them some slack by offering more flexible work hours, break time, worker benefits, etc.
  • Hire global where possible.  If the local workforce isn’t cut out for the job, try other regions where others may happily take the position.”

“As the labor landscape changes, the future of work lies in apps like Jobility that can help source pre-qualified workers quickly across a litany of industries, meet compliance and payroll them if needed, thus saving businesses a countless number of hours while reducing their costs.” – Parmi Cheema

Unlocking Benefits By Spending More Time with Workers

One byproduct of spending more time training is it creates a greater bond between you and your workers- again, this will keep them around longer!  By spending more time on employees, you as the employer show you care about your employees.  Taking an extra bit of time to show workers new skills as well as the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind their work can be a fruitful pursuit for both of you to get what you want- employees will feel more satisfaction learning new skills, while your company will be more productive- and you won’t have to search for replacements.  And who needs to sort through resumes these days when platforms like Jobility can serve you pre-qualified workers when you need them? 

The Jobility team wishes you the best of luck as you solve your staffing needs, but reminds you that we’re always here when you need workers fast.