5 Ways to Find Part Time Jobs Near You in 2021

The job market has seen significant contraction as the economy braces for at least several more months of a global pandemic before herd immunity is achieved.  Couple that with political turmoil from the presidential election, and things look pretty bleak for job seekers.  Out of work?  Can’t keep a steady, good paying job?  The process of sorting through the classifieds in the newspaper these days to find work is as antiquated as the work you’ll be doing in those miserable jobs.  Fear not- because if you stick to this list with tenacity and vigor, the gig economy has your back and you’ll get back to making some well-deserved cash in no time.

Update Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile.

  • Does it accurately reflect what you’ve been up to these past few years?  Remember that in many cases, less is more
  • Stick each job title to 3-5 bullet points of; a) Actionable work you did, b) Any Accomplishments, c) Use hard numbers where possible
  • Once you’re satisfied, send it to a few friends and get them to polish and refine it further

Set Financial Goals for Yourself

  • Where do you want to be financially? a year from now? what about 10? what about a month?
  • Remain grounded and realistic while also setting lofty financial goals about your future
  • Go big and be aggressive
  • Make sure to set monthly check-ins for distant financial goals and make adjustments where necessary

Don’t Be Afraid To Step Outside Your Scope A Bit

  • Previous work experience in one position =/= the same productivity and fulfillment in the next role. 
  • A new gig could allow you to finally unleash your hidden talent that you didn’t even know you had. 
  • No two jobs are alike; a) work environments change, b) responsibilities change, c) bosses change, d) change in many cases is a good thing- it is the spice of life
  • ‘Mandatory __ years of experience’ is total BS- take it from an employer.
  • Many skills cross over well from one position- and even industry- to another.

Focus on Your Mental Well-Being

  • Limit Social Media while job seeking. 
  • Social Media is everyone’s lives’ highlight reel.
  • We don’t share the pangs of all the sad, annoying, angering stuff, we show the moments where we’re smiling, happy, going on vacation, etc.
  • When all of us do it, it creates a socially-devolving feedback loop .
  • Psychologically, it’s called ‘comparing up, and it’s best to limit it as much as you can while you’re going after that new gig.

Find The Right Part Time Hiring Service

  • We can now connect with other people faster than ever before.  Companies and individuals embrace the gig economy as the next big wave in work, productivity and compensation. 
  • Jobility has created a matching algorithm that connects employers to individuals seeking work faster and more easily than practically any other job matching engine out there. 
  • It is not a simple search engine for jobs like an Indeed.com.
  • Jobility connects people to real jobs in their respective cities where the individual and the job will be. 
  • They’re pre-qualified, pre-screened, and verified before they are matched to a Job.
  • The employer is matched with what they need and finds the list of ‘Gigees’ quickly and easily.
  • Gigees get paid the same day they work.

Oftentimes the hardest part to getting something accomplished is starting.  Setting small goals, even if it’s getting out of bed before noon can snowball into incredible feats you thought impossible upon looking back.  So go ahead and take that first step.  Go out there and be the person you intend to be.  You may even surprise yourself.